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Specialists in Production CNC Machining

Offering the best value when quality, on-time delivery, and price are the considerations.

World-Class Manufacturer of Precision Machined Components Since 1966

CINEX is proud to be one of the most trusted machined parts manufacturers in the country. We specialize in producing precision machined components for industries such as automotive, aviation, healthcare, and construction, in naming a few.

Using our advanced, high-quality technology and CNC machining, our team can deliver a wide range of metal parts requiring great accuracy, high consistency, and precise specifications to achieve optimal performance that meets quality and safety standards.

Email or call us at (513) 921-2825 to learn more about our precision machining and tool design services.

Why Choose CINEX?

At CINEX, we do quality design and manufacture parts with a strong emphasis on quality and keen attention to detail. What sets us apart from our competitors are our design quality and ability to deliver the product right the first time, limiting returns and improving customer service.

With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing and high-precision machining, you can trust our engineers to handle simple to complex machined parts and provide reliable solutions tailored to your needs and requirements.

Our Mission

Our focus on quality ensures the customers get what they want, when they want it the first time.

CINEX Excels at Manufacturing a Wide Range of Parts and Materials for Various Industries, Including:

Engine Cogs
Industrial Engine

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