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Our Tool Design Capabilities

Tool design is an essential process of manufacturing. It affects the quality of your products and materials as well as the overall cost of production. At CINEX, we go above and beyond to provide cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. That’s why we design and build all of our tooling using SOLIDWORKS to ensure that your parts are of the highest quality and at the best price possible.

As your world-class production partner, we utilize an arsenal of innovative tool designs and an array of efficiently controlled processes with a team of creative, cross-trained technicians to deliver exceptional quality components that are easy and safe to use and operate.


Machine Samples

5 Axis  Machining Center with dual pallets. 20.1×20.1×18.1 X, Y, Z

Horizontal Machining Center with dual pallets. Capacity 22x24x22. X, Y, Z.

Vertical Machining Centers. Capacity 40x30x30.

Horizontal Machining Center, Palletech System with 6 pallets. Capacity 41.4×35.4×38.6. X, Y, Z

Horizontal Machining Center, Palletech System 2 machines and 14 pallets. Capacity 22.1×24.8×25.2 X,Y.Z

Turning Centers with Mill. Turn Capabilities and Gantry Loader. Capacity 26”Swing x 30”Controls

CNC O.D. Grinder 12.6” Swing x x39” Centers

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